Review: Norpro 866R Apple Master-Apple, Potato, Parer, Slicer & Corer with Vacuum Base

I don’t know about your family, but we love to bake for the holidays and make apple pies! As a teacher, having this time off with my family is priceless! While Thanksgiving and winter holidays seem like a long ways away, time is moving so quickly these days – that it is sure to walk in any minute! It is time to start thinking about and preparing for these special holiday moments.

In order to make our pies especially amazing, we use the Norpro 866 Apple Master- Apple slicer! Sure, a pairing knife has worked for us in the past, but it is so time consuming and after all the near nicks – we decided to invest in a better way to slice our apples! The Norpro works like a charm! With this addition, you can pare, core and slice; pare only; or slice and core only – you choose! The apple peeler can slice and core the apple without you having to peel the apples first! This saves so much time to spend on other family activities.

Using the Norpro paring device option not only brings us laughter and fun, but also prepares perfectly shaped apple pieces for our pie’s layers. Notwithstanding the apple nibbles that are quietly consumed while our daughters are paring, we are always able to generate many thinly- sliced pieces to create our tasty, symmetric masterpiece!

Did I mention the giggles and fun? Well, the vacuum base holds the device securely onto any smooth surface and the coring process is quite magical. Our girls enjoy seeing the apple twirls that are designed by churning the handle. Not only can we make apple pies, but we can also peel potatoes and create some thin potato chips. The device is very easy to clean. Just separate the pieces and wash away! The $25 price is totally worth the amount of time you will save while making your pies and the fun that you will enjoy while creating your apple, pair or potato handiworks! This is one of the best kitchen items I have bought. I have no complaints  – except that we can’t all churn the handle at the same time! Buy the Norpro 866R and pare, core and slice away! Have fun making your delicious memories!

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