Review: LED Photo Display String Lights with Timer Automatically ON/OFF Warm White 15ft/4.5m for Hanging Pictures Photos Cards and Notes Battery Powered Photo Banner Wall Decor Essential with Mini Clothespins

Teachers, would you like an inexpensive way to give your bulletin board an extra pop this fall, or maybe want to beautify your home with favorite vacation or holiday memories? Does your party or reception need some extra decorations? If so, you need LED Photo Display String Lights in your life!

This string of lights measures 0.47 by 1.77 in. or 1.2 by 4.5 cm and uses 3 AA batteries. Sixteen clothespins will hold your special memories, and they are spaced 8in/20cm between each other.

Choose to brighten your space throughout the day and evening by using the timer mode. The lights will be on for 6 hours and then turn off for 18 hours. Display your special photos anywhere, as the string is lightweight, and the extension cord to the battery box measures 5 ft/1.5m long. Your train of memories can hang from rails, walls and in hard to reach areas.

Our daughters received these lights as a present and it was a perfect way to hold on to some of their best moments from family vacations and special events. At night, when they leave the lights on, they can fall asleep while looking at these special times in their lives. Lights make our days brighter, and the LED Photo Display String Lights illuminate some of our best ones. I highly recommend this extra trimming for a more beautiful home or classroom!

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