Review: Glowing Putty Gels and Slime Chemistry Kit Do 15 slimy experiments Safe & non toxic Made in the USA Copernicus Toys

If you are an elementary school teacher or parent of a young child, you have touched this before. You certainly have heard the word. Even the youngest of children learn quickly what Borax is, because it allows them to concoct this popular sticky, fun mess – slime.

When we bought our daughter the glowing putty gel from Amazon, she was thrilled! It had “scientific” instructions, which made her feel very important, and explained the concepts behind the fun. She told me she liked this gooey, foam slime because it made her feel like she was doing something important.

The simple instructions showed her how the ingredients work together and sparked scientific thinking. This glowing kit of goo is of very good quality and children of all ages will enjoy discovering science in a new and exciting way!

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