ASICS Gel-Contend 5 Women’s Running Shoes Review

I am a runner. While I enjoy saying that, I am really more of a around town jogger. You will find me most days writing 3 miles on my calendar to document my exercise to remind myself I accomplished my goal. I enjoy the solitude that running brings, and the thoughts that are so freely expressed during a daily run.

I usually go through one or two pairs of shoes a year with this type of schedule and don’t spend a lot on running gear. Imagine having a running shoe that cost less than $50 and offers the perfect comfort and is actually attractive! Well – I found it! While I have veered on brands throughout my 16 years of running, my money always finds its way back to ASICS – and particularly the ASICS Gel- Contend 5.

This running shoe comes in a variety of colors and styles. The prices for ASICS range from $49- $130, but my “go to” style always hovers around $50. I ran a 10K and ½ marathon in these shoes and never regretted doing so. I recently had to decide on which shoe to purchase, as I had let my last shoes get pretty bad – they even had holes.

As I discussed my shoes, my daughter reminded me that the shoes I always rave about – ASICS. Thankfully, I just bought a new pair for Mother’s Day, and took them on the first of many runs! They are perfect for low mileages runners looking for a versatile, everyday shoe. Offered in 9 different colors.

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